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What is the different between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ?

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When we think about technological advancement, we often hear Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).VR headsets and AR apps and games are becoming more and more popular.

Both VR and AR have different characteristics. So what is the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? To know the difference, one should first know what is VR and AR and how they work?

How virtual reality works?

VR headsets absolutely take over your vision and make you feel as though you’re somewhere else. When you wear a VR headset, it blocks out your surroundings. You might think you’re blindfolded if you put them on when they’re switched off.

When you turn on the headsets, the LCD or OLED panels inside are refracted by the lenses, filling your field of vision with whatever is displayed. It may be a game, a 360-degree video, or simply the virtual space between the platforms’ interfaces.

Visually, you are transported to wherever the headset leads you to go—the external world is replaced by a simulated one. Tethered VR headsets include external sensors or cameras, as well as outward-facing cameras.

This ensures that the headsets sense the way you’re looking. It can also detect any movement in certain directions. When paired with motion controls, this helps you to walk around in a virtual space with virtual hands.

This area is typically just a few square metres wide. Though it is much more immersive than simply standing still and looking in various directions.

Virtual reality supersedes your surroundings in both games and applications, bringing you to different worlds. It makes no difference where you are physical. In video games, you can find yourself in the cockpit of a starfighter.

You can digitally tour distant locations as if you were there using apps. VR has a plethora of possibilities, all of which include replacing everything around you with something else.

How Augmented Reality works?

The technology is intended to allow for free movement when projecting images over whatever you are looking at. The principle is being applied to smartphones through AR applications and games.

which uses the camera on your phone to monitor your surroundings and overlay additional details on top of it. Unlike virtual reality, which replaces vision, augmented reality augments it.

Augmented reality projects images over whatever you are looking at.AR gadgets, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens and “smart glasses,”  allowing you to see everything in front of you as if you were wearing a pair of sunglasses.AR displays can range from as basic as a data overlay showing the time to as complex as holograms floating in the middle of a room.

When opposed to virtual reality, this technology has a major disadvantage such as visual immersion. While VR fully covers and replaces your field of vision, AR apps only display on the screen of your smartphone.

HoloLens can only project images in front of your eyes in a tiny area. you must look at a small screen while thinking that the object on that screen is in front of you, which is not very immersive.

Microsoft Mesh Mixed Reality platform for communicating in virtual space launched

The possibilities for augmented reality are almost infinite. For years, phone-based augmented reality software has been understanding surroundings and presenting additional details on what it sees.

such as live translation of text or pop-up reviews of a product or service as you look at them. Dedicated augmented reality glasses, such as the HoloLens, will go much further, allowing you to digitally position various applications as floating frames around you. They essentially provide you with a modular, multi-monitor computing system.

What is the Difference Between AR and VR?

Despite their identical architectures, virtual reality and augmented reality do two very different tasks in two very different ways. VR replaces reality by moving you to another dimension.

AR augments reality by superimposing details on top of what you’re already seeing. They are both strong innovations that have yet to make an impression on consumers but display a lot of potentials. They have the potential to fully transform how we use computers in the future.

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